Det-Tronics Releases New Line-of-Sight Infrared Gas Detector

The new FlexSight™ LS2000 Line-of-Sight Infrared Gas Detector from Detector Electronics Corp. (Det-Tronics) is a next-generation solution for line-of-sight gas detection. Available immediately, the FlexSight LS2000 sets a new standard for infrared line-of-sight gas detectors with improved optical field of view, an advanced housing design, simplified mount and breakthrough alignment tolerance. Det-Tronics, the global leader in products and services for total fire and gas safety solutions, is a part of UTC Building & Industrial Systems, a unit of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE: UTX).

Line-of-sight infrared gas detectors continuously monitor combustible gas levels between two points at a range of over 100 meters. The FlexSight LS2000 is designed to address installation, maintenance and performance challenges of current line-of-sight solutions.
“After years in research and development and extensive testing and gaining third-party product approvals, we are confident that the FlexSight LS2000 will go beyond our customers’ expectations,” said Randall Ruegg, president of specialty detection, UTC Building & Industrial Systems. “From a foggy North Sea oil platform in constant motion to placements next to highly-used railways or in the harsh conditions in the Arctic, the FlexSight LS2000 is designed to fully meet these real-life operating conditions.”  
The new FlexSight LS2000 has an optics field-of-view with a 60 percent improvement over previous leading technology, creating a more tolerant and faster alignment process. The FlexSight LS2000 performs better in harsh conditions, has enhanced vibration tolerance, and has simplified install and alignment tasks. Third-party verified to function in a temperature range of -55 to +75 degrees Celsius, the FlexSight LS2000 provides an upgraded, long-lasting infrared source, with a 10-year warranty. In addition, the unit has a power consumption management feature and highly visible LEDs. The diagnostic features of the FlexSight LS2000 significantly reduce the time and effort needed to identify fault conditions.
“The FlexSight LS2000 optics technology, along with its robust, easy mount and simplified adjustment feature, has reduced our average installation and maintenance time significantly,” said Brian K. Leary,senior instrument & controls technician,
Dominion Resources, Inc., located in the eastern United States, which field-tested the FlexSight LS2000 in a challenging installation. “The performance has been reliable and consistent, despite constant vibrations from passing trains.”