Calcium Chloride

TechnoHub LLC supplies high purity white pellets of Calcium Chloride with content of the main substance within 94 – 99%. It has minimum amount of impurities, which is reflected in the effective and economical use in the core technological processes of our clients. The product meets ASTM D 98-05, AASHTO M144 requirements for calcium chloride purity. Packaging: 1 MT Jumbo bags with inner liners.

Used in


  • Drilling muds, Packer fluids and Completion/Workover fluids component. (The absence of impurities and a minimum content of iron salts makes possible to prevent salt precipitation in the formation during operations)
  • Concrete accelerator for casing area during its pumping In overall
  • Road dust suppression
  • Acceleration of hardening, setting of concrete
  • Printing Paper production
  • Open cut mines dust suppression
  • Moisture capture for industrial and private uses (dehumidification)
  • Gas Drying
  • Tire Weight 
  • In carbon Dioxide capture for greenhouse gases emissions cut projects
  • Different chemical processes
  • Winter road maintenance
  • Transportation of bulk cargo during winter
Parameter Unit Specification
Appearance White pallets
Molecular Weight g/mol 110.99
Fraction of Calcium Chloride total mass (CaCl2) %, min 94
Fraction of Magnesium total mass (MgCl2) %, max 0.5
Fraction of other Chlorides, including MgCl2, recalculated to NaCl %, max 1.5 – 2,5
Iron Content %, max 0.01
Moisture %, max 0.5
Granules Size mm 1-5 (95%)