Procurement of large industrial projects is often associated with complication of supplier search, equipment selection, and production control and delivery arrangements. Moreover, technical experts in many cases are left out of this cycle. These factors may lead to significant financial and time expenditures, not to mention failures in operation of a whole enterprise. TechnoHub offers a balanced system proved by hundreds of successful supplies wherein customer needs satisfaction as well as a clear and effective project management is the priority. Entrust TechnoHub to perform:
  • Analysis and revision of technical requirements of the equipment
  •  Selection of technical solution based on functionality, quality and price
  • Global search of suitable supplier and delivery route planning
  • Customization of legal and financial terms from suppliers
  • Preparation and translation of technical and other supporting documentation
  • Arrangement of equipment tests involving customers’ representatives and/or independent experts
  • Logistics function (transportation, packing, sorting, consolidating, stocking etc)
  • Installation supervision, start-up assist, consultation and training of personnel on supplied equipment
  • Certification and approvals obtainment for the supplied equipment
  • Execution of reporting requirements on supplies current status as well as immediate resolving of unforeseen situations.