Welding Machines

Welding Machines Arcon Welding offers the Workhorse series of portable arc welders optimized to be the most rugged and reliable STICK Welders, TIG Welders, MIG welders, and Stud welders on the market. True to the name, the Workhorse series of portable Arc Welders is designed for what is most important for a welding professional’s daily […]

Transformers (Koncar)

Transformers (Koncar) In close collaboration with Koncar Group of companies we make deliveries of industrial current and voltage transformers for various projects of petrochemical, ship-building industries, pump and compressor stations, and power blocks for underground mines. Koncar transformers are manufactured in accordance with current international standards like GOST, IEC, etc. The equipment quality is ensured […]

Lighting equipment

Lighting equipment Effectiveness of industrial lighting equipment is vital for any industrial production. Industrial devices are completely different from those used in residential and office units, they are secured from negative exposures of various kinds: occupational dust, mechanical damages, and aggressive chemical compounds fumes in the air. Industrial lighting equipment can be operated continuously and […]

Electric actuators

Electric actuators Our company offers complete solutions for the automation of industrial fittings for the most technically complex industries – power industry, water supply, heavy industry, oil and gas sector. Since the quality of technology process depends on actuators, basic requirement for actuators and control and monitoring equipment to meet is reliability. It is also […]

Electric motors

Electric motors A wide range of electric motors in various versions are presented in the list of our products. Engines produced for fixed machines drive have design features as specified and can be used for the needs of coal, chemical, gas, petrochemical and other industries. Single purpose engines can be used in hazardous areas, in […]

Technological cable

Technological cable To solve the problems of electrical energy and information transmission in extreme conditions special cables are used. We offer a supply of fire-proof and fire-resistant cables, sealed cable for underwater applications and use on ships, intrinsically safe cable for hazardous areas, as well as a special sensor cable. Certificates and test reports are […]

Explosion proof electrical equipment

Explosion-proof electrical equipment Extension of the application range of electrical devices in hazardous areas requires high proficiency in approach to selection of electrical systems elements and explosion-proof equipment. The experience of our professionals allows choosing the equipment designed to work within a designated hazardous area. The main objective of explosion-proof equipment is providing measures to […]