Processing equipment

Processing equipment Processing equipment is a complex of machines and devices involved in production process towards implementation of specific technology. This concept includes many types of various equipment. Classification of processing equipment depends on industry sector it is utilized in, as well as on performed functions. As our company specifically supplies equipment for power engineering, […]

Diesel-power units

Diesel-power units On sites with no access to electric power, diesel-driven units come useful. Diesel generators of varying power and make, pumps and diesel-driven compressors, diesel welding units – all these equipment allow carrying out the works independently from power line availability. Open type diesel generators Sound Proof Diesel Generators Portable diesel generators Diesel welding […]

Compressor units

Compressor units Each compressor is designed for a specific process and has its unique features of construction and operation. Compressor units are utilized in almost every sphere of industry. Compressed air is used as energy source and also utilized in the technological process in oil and gas industry. The list of equipment we supply includes […]

Pumps and pump stations

Pumps and pump stations Through cooperation with leading manufacturers of special pumping equipment we offer our customers pumps for liquids of any kind. The pumping units are designed for use in explosion hazard areas, in conditions of gases, fumes and dust mixture, in high humidity and low temperature environment. We offer customized solutions for various […]