Special material pipes and pipelines

Special material pipes and pipelines Various organizations deal with transportation of corrosive medium where pipes and system components of special-property alloy are required. It is also very important to use materials with low coefficient of thermal expansion and hydraulic resistance. Our Company helps customers to solve the tasks of selecting materials and pipeline system components […]

Pig/Smart pig

Pig/Smart pig For proper operating parameters of pipelines and consequently their efficiency, the inner walls surface must be clean and consistent. Measurement of the pipe geometry, detection of corrosion, cracking, coat peeling, welding defects – all of these tasks are performed using pigs of various designs custom-made for specific tasks. Our company offers a wide […]

Control valves

Control valves Toensure the accuracy of the process parameters different techniques of control valves management are used, often with special drives or actuators. The adjustment process is performed by industrial microcontrollers via sensor command by means of electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic or electromagnetic actuators for control valves. Special classes and certification of control valves we supply […]


Valves Our Company offers fixtures of leading manufacturers from Europe, North America, and China. The list of supply equipment includes shut-off and control valves for heat and water supply in food-processing and petrochemical industries, gas, steam and corrosive liquids. Our engineers will render an advice and provide assistance in integrating the equipment in accordance with […]