PPE and Safety Equipment

PPE and Safety Equipment Various devices designed specifically for workers protection from exposure to harmful and hazardous working environments are called personal protective equipment. The work without such means is absolutely impossible in many industries. Efficiency of the use of personal protective equipment in many ways depends on correct selection and operation. Providing laborers with […]

Gas sensor

Gas sensor Gas analyzing devices (gas analyzers) of various types for the measurement of one or more components of gas mixtures content (concentration). Analyzers offered by our company have the necessary certification and are made in accordance with the requirements of Government Standards. Depending on the installation gas analyzers can be fixed, mobile and portable. […]

Alarm annunciator

Alarm annunciator In case of fire, especially in potentially explosive atmospheres you must notify the staff through the use of light and sound signals, like alarm annunciators. In chemical industry, port facilities, ships and offshore platforms warning devices must be of high reliability. Annunciators and alarms we supply are designed specifically for use in explosive […]

Oil spill protection equipment

Oil spill protection equipment Oil spills at sea happen quite often, especially during transport or offshore oil extraction. This can happen for various reasons and for the rapid containment, ships, ports and oil rigs must be equipped with facilities for spills containment and oil skimming from the water surface. We offer comprehensive solutions to equip […]

Leakage protection equipment

Leakage protection equipment Leakage prevention and measures directed towards leakage control should have the highest priority in enterprises where oil, organic solvents, alkalis, strong acids and other hazardous liquids are involved in the production process. Our company offers a wide range of tools designed for complete solution of leakage control issues. Some of the important […]

Firefighting equipment

Firefighting equipment Fire-fighting equipment is a set of systems and components for detection of a fire source, timely warning and urgent elimination of fire. In addition to the equipment supply our company offers the design of complex systems for fire safety. Long-term partnerships with leading manufacturers of alarm and fire control equipment allows us to […]