Redesigned containers installation

Our company supplies portable modules and upgraded 10, 20, 40 foot containers to the customer's specifications. If necessary modules and containers can be completed with electric mains, heating and ventilation as well as fire detection system. Upgraded containers and modular structures are heavy-duty, rigid and impact resistant units, which allows to repeatedly transport them and reinstall, even on unprepared sites. Thus, these structures are maximally adapted to operate on construction and installation sites with constant movement of goods and machinery traffic.

  • Unrivalled experience and the widest product range and cost effective prices make TechnoHub  the automatic choice when you need to hire portable cabins. No matter whether you need a single portable office or a range of facilities for a workforce of thousands on a major project our nationwide hire centres provide instant availability on thousands of portable accommodation.
    Our portable cabin range includes:
    Steelclad® – a stylish traditional jackleg cabin with easy clean Plastisol exterior
    Rugged Elliott Anti-Vandal steel range to protect your property against theft and vandalism
    Energy saving Elliott Eco-Cabins that provide power savings of up to 69% and water savings of up to 91% compared to a traditional Anti-Vandal cabin
    Moduflex flexible design buildings with external wall panels that are easily changed dependant on your individual requirements
    TechnoHub provides portable cabins can be linked together to form an office complex with connecting doorways and double stacked to create an upper storey which can also be linked together.
    For the most flexible option that creates open spaces and integral designs we recommend our Moduflex range.

  • Technohub provides a superb range of standard and bespoke compliant modular volumetric accommodation systems for a variety of market sectors. Whether you’re looking for a single module or a complete turnkey package from conception through to installation and after market, TechnoHub leaves you free to concentrate on your business while we do the rest.

    With TechnoHub you get:
    Fast construction timescales
    An efficient delivery and installation service
    An array of fantastic products designed to accommodate all your needs
    To ensure your needs are met with precise and adaptable solutions, our modular volumetric accommodation systems are constructed to give you unrivalled quality assurance, tailored and flexible pricing options and a back up service second to none.

  • Offshore 20ft Workshop / Tool Containers have been designed, manufactured and certified in accordance with DNV2.7-1 / BS EN 12079. The units are supplied with certified slings and shackles as standard. All units are stackable where deck space or yard space is at a premium. The base has integrated forklift pockets for ease of yard loading and offloading. The unit is also supplied with a cargo door net. Can be provided suitable for a Safe area or Zoned area use. Other uses include : Tool storage, machinery shop, welding shop, technicians workshop, electrical shop, pressure test workshop, instrument workshop.

    Standard Features: ·Flexible internal layouts to suit your requirements ·Design approval According to DnV 2.7.1 ·ISO corners and forklift pockets ·Approved for EX zone 1 & Norsok Z-015 ·Surface treatment Norsok M501 System 1 ·High quality personnel door (316ss) ·High quality fixtures and interior design. ·Workbench & cabinets of high quality ·Safety-net for storage cabinets etc. ·Tie-in compartment for rig interface and cables ·Power supply 110V or 230V ·Power outlet 16A ·All cable trays in 316ss. ·Loudspeakers PA-A & PA-B ·Normal light and Em. Light type Glamox ·Heater w/thermostat ·Ventilation ducts ·Documentation according to Norsok Z-015 4.8 Optional Features: ·Fire & Gas detection system with signals to CCR ·Chemical cabinet with ventilation fan ·EX-Telephone ·Emergency hatch ·Special tool storage system ·Certified traverser carrier ·Instrument air ·Combined container solutions.

  • Positioning fully equipped electrical operating units in the form of container-type electrical rooms on the facility or site usually provides benefits which exceed the mere optimisation of the installation period. Thanks to our many years of experience gathered in equipping large-scale facilities, TechnoHub is the perfect choice when it comes to prefabricated electrical operating units!

  • TechnoHub presents new offshore accommodation containers "D"-Type (2-4 persons)

    The standard ISO-dimensions of a 20' high-cube container allow an uncomplicated transport to the site where needed, whether onshore or offshore. The containers are DNV GL certified complying with DNV 2.7.1 rules, A60 fire isolation, CSC and EN 12079. The interior arrangement features a central bath room and two individually equipped rooms. They can easily and fast be adapted to the mission profile, be it accommodation for up to four persons, office space, changing room or alike. The stackable accommodation modules can be compiled to blocks, where the supply lines of the upper containers are housed in sheltered ducts of the lower ones, thus enabling multiple arrangements according to customer needs. During construction manufacturer has put highest emphasis on the comfort of the crew. Noise and vibrations inside the modules are kept to a minimum, full air condition is provided, TV and internet can be connected.

    Ship operators, offshore installation companies, brokers, service providers, or any other company with the need for additional accommodation and service may now rent these containers. Shipping can be arranged on short notice

  • Our sanitary containers can be used individually, e.g. as toilets or shower rooms. Electrical installation and shower or WC cabins come as standard. Thanks to our room modules, you're flexible and mobile for every occasion, regardless of whether the intended purpose is an event or a construction site.

  • All ISO containers are designed and built in strict accordance with the specifications set down by the International Standards Organisation, to ensure these containers can safely withstand the rigours of global transport by road, rail and sea. Without this regimentation, container transportation would not only be chaotic but potentially unsafe. Therefore it is essential that any container used for international shipping holds certification to show it is up to standard. This certification is known as a CSC (Container Safety Convention) plate, which you can think of as a container MOT, or passport to travel.
    Containers Direct have new and used ISO containers for sale, which hold the essential CSC plate. If you have not purchased a shipping container before it can be confusing to navigate your way through the many boxes described as shipping containers, when many of these are not true ISO containers, or are no longer fit for shipping purposes. This is because the majority of storage containers on the market are in fact used shipping containers, but this does NOT mean they can continue to be used for shipping. Many will have deteriorated in quality too much, or have had changes made to them which contravene ISO certification standards.


  • This equipment enclosure continues to show that customers need us to be able to position apertures and ventilation outlets specifically to suit the processes or equipment they contain. Perfect for utility equipment either at customer site or remote location.

    Highly modified container for large air volume requirement via filtered louvre inlets. Air volume for cooling and consumption to match the equipment were calculated together with optimum air speed across louvres and Pascal pressure drops across filters to calculate required louvre area around the container.  From there we designed louvres sizes that would work with the structure of the container for its intended application. This is typical of the technical work we do when containerising equipment to ensure it works correctly when commissioned, wherever that may be.

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