Storage facilities for the closed storage of granulated sulfur in the Galkynysh field. Turkmenistan’s environmental policy pursued by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, Turkmengaz GC pays special attention to the environmental aspects of its activities, seeks to minimize the level of negative impact on the environment, and rational use of natural resources.

The Galkynysh field, which is characterized not only by unique natural gas reserves, but also by the high content of hydrogen sulphide in its composition. At all stages of production, transportation and processing of sulfur-containing gases for humans and the environment, there is a danger of gas emissions.

In the process of commercial preparation and processing of sulfur-containing natural gas deposits, sulfur compounds are formed, for example sulfur dioxide, especially sulfur, etc. These substances, as well as hydrogen sulphide, mercaptans and carbon disulfide, are more or less toxic to the human body and dangerous for biocenosis when released into the atmosphere , water and soil.
In order to maintain the safety of the environment, Turkmengaz GC purchased and successfully commissioned storage facilities for the closed storage of granulated sulfur, and our company Tehnohub Trading is proud to be able to take part in this project.