New Emerson technologies

Emerson Process Management presents a unique feature of functional testing of GWR level transmitters and continuous device status monitoring. Reference reflector function now available in Rosemount® 5300 level indicators, is designed for applications which require periodic checking of the level indicator accuracy and to prevent overflows.

Rosemount 5300 with a function of reference reflector allows control testing of the unit automatically without process interruption or raising the product level in the tank manually. This option reduces risk of overflows and shortens the performance check time of the unit. Now it is not necessary to remove the device from the process unit or depressurize for physical level check. This function reduces operating costs, increases fault free operating time and improves the safety level at a plant.

In the past, checking most of the guided wave radars required manual raise of liquid level in the tank to the point of signal actuation, increasing the risk of overflows. This process could take up to half a day, which interfered with normal operation of the plant.

The operator had to manually monitor the level of product in the tank, which would increase the risk of health and safety in the event of contact with contents of the tank.

A reference reflector function eliminates the need for such procedures by use of an adjustable deflector mounted on the probe. In the process of commissioning, the position and amplitude characteristics of the reflector are stored in the gauge memory. During screening procedure, the recorded parameters of reflector are compared with the actual measurements to check the electronics operation and condition of the probe head.

Standard diagnostics of devices allow monitoring the state of electronics only, while reflector can additionally be used for diagnostics of the probe’s upper part inside tank for deposits or corrosion. During the test waveguide radar calculates the level value in relation to the reflector position, whereby the output signal can be checked.

In test mode, confirmation of a successful configuration of the waveguide radar is displayed in control room. Moreover, there is a remote access to a test function using the Rosemount Radar Master software by Emerson.

Easy to install and configure the reference reflector works with 5300 Series level indicators with a flexible single lead SS probe (4 mm), software version 2.H0 or newer. Furthermore, the reflector can be mounted on operated devices which conform to these specifications.

Rosemount 5300 GWR level transmitters provide accurate and reliable direct level measurement. They are easy to install, and are virtually not affected by variable parameters of the technological process. With no moving parts, they have minimum maintenance requirements. A wide selection of materials and process connections, probes and accessories makes them versatile for most applications. They are able to function effectively in the most challenging installations in terms of control and security, including processing vessels.