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Each compressor is designed for a specific process and has its unique features of construction and operation. Compressor units are utilized in almost every sphere of industry. Compressed air is used as energy source and also utilized in the technological process in oil and gas industry. The list of equipment we supply includes compressors of high and low pressure, compressed air blowers, stationary and portable compressor plants.

  • The elastomer is contained in the gland and forced to flow into the surface imperfections of the glands and any clearance available to it, creating a condition of "zero" clearance and thus effecting a positive block to the fluid being sealed. The pressure which forces the O-ring to flow is supplied by mechanical pressure or "squeeze." generated by proper gland design and material selection and by system pressure transmitted by the fluid itself to the seal element. In fact, the classic O-ring seal may be said to be "pressure assisted" in that the more system pressure, the more effective the seal, until the physical limits of the elastomer are exceeded and the O-ring begins to extrude into the clearance gap This condition can usually be avoided by proper gland design, material selection, and the use of Seals or rings.


  • Standard reciprocating gas compressor packages from 84 HP to 2370 HP. Compass Compression’s standard packages offer a cost-effective, proven and quick delivery solution for most compressor applications. Reciprocating compressor packages (recips) are recommended for most multi-stage applications (sweet or sour) with a discharge pressure greater than 350 psig. Common applications include gas gathering; pipeline; storage; wellhead booster; gas processing; fuel gas booster; enhanced recovery; and acid gas injection. Reciprocating packages operate efficiently over a wide range of compression ratios (less than 1.5 to greater than 80) and can be reconfigured by recylindering or restaging to handle new field conditions.

  • Oil-free and oil-less technology are used in a variety of applications across the globe. Hospitals, pharmaceuticals, the food industry, among many others depend on Gardner Denver to provide the cleanest, oil-free air for their systems and processes. In a lubricated machine oil is used to seal, lubricate and cool, however this then leaves high oil content in the compressed air that has to be removed. Oil free compressor, or oil less compressors, use an alternative medium such as water to seal, lubricate and cool, or compression takes place in multiple stages, the compressor then delivers the highest quality air without the need for separation and filtration. The types of technologies used in oil free compressors include, Water Injected compressors, two stage dry screws, single or two stage oil free pistons or centrifugal compressors.


  • The single stage, reciprocating compressors produce a low-pressure area in the pumping chamber when the piston moves from the highest point of the stroke to the lowest point. Gaseous product (at a higher pressure in the tank) moves into the pumping chamber. This volume of gas is then displaced when the piston moves to the top of the stroke.


  • For all our Compressors, major spare parts are available.


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