Electrical equipment

For operation of machines and devices in marine and harsh climatic conditions it is important to meet the requirements that will ensure protection of equipment against splashing, humidity, sea fog and other factors. In shelf area, in an open sea and marine piers - where the humidity, vibration and aggressive environment levels are very high – it is unacceptable to use equipment of standard version. To solve these problems, we offer a specialized electrical equipment, designed and approved for use on ships, offshore platforms and structures.

  • Marine motors are designed as per IEC 92-301 for use as main and auxiliary drives below deck on ships and in the offshore industry. The standard paint finish is suitable for indoor applications but in corrosive sea atmospheres, special paint finish is recommended. The standard version of IP55 degree of protection can be increased to IP65 on request.

  • A submarine power cable is a major transmission cable for carrying electric power below the surface of the water. These are called "submarine" because they usually carry electric power beneath salt water (arms of theocean, seas, straits, etc.) but it is also possible to use submarine power cables beneath fresh water (large lakes and rivers). Examples of the latter exist that connect the mainland with large islands in the St. Lawrence River.
    Most power systems use alternating current (AC). This is due mostly to the ease with which AC voltages may be stepped up and down, by means of a transformer. When the voltage is stepped up, current through the line is reduced, and since resistive losses in the line are proportional to the square of the current, stepping up the voltage significantly reduces the resistive line losses.

  • Shipboard cables are fire resistant, flame retardant, low smoke & halogen‐free cables. Typically used for electrical installations in ships and offshore platforms for electric power distribution to eletric panels, for lighting, in control circuits, to carry critical instrumentation signals, etc. Voltage range includes 0.6/1.0 kV for power & control cables and 150/250 V for instrumentation cables. These cables are manufactured to IEC 60092‐350 series standards.

  • Widely used for different marine applications, our Alarm Annunciator is appreciated as the advanced and highly reliable micro controller based equipment. Our alarms are integrated with the certified quality of components sourced from authentic market vendors. These alarms are mostly applicable for cargo room, engine room, aux engine, CPP, compressor, tank level and steering B/T. Further, the delivered Alarm Annunciator ensure fine acoustic and visual indicating signal when detect any dangerous situation.       

    Reliable to use
    Excellent functionality
    Durable standards

    Further Details:
    An input signal originating from a potential free contact, normally open (NO) or normally closed (NC), will cause the appropriate alarm LEDs to flash and simultaneously the related output will be activated on the detection of every new alarm. The visual warning consist of a flashing two red LED for each channel and a realy contact that activates the horn. Each alarm can be independently delayed (250 msec to 60 sec) for activation for wide selection of sensor like pressure switch, overspeed, tank level.
    Steep horn and accept Flash Push buttons are integrated in the unit front or through external central push buttons .
    In accordance with rules of classification societies, all alarms signals are flashed until accepted. New alarms are indicated by flashing of particular signal lamp and by common audio alarm. After silencing the audio alarm, the alarm signal can be accepted, the flashing light then changing to a stead light if the alarm signals is still  present. Should the alarm signal have reset by the time of acceptance the signal lamp goes out. The reset inputs provided with 1 sec delay. PLA series is as per above specifications.

    12 inputs with LED indications
    Supports both NO/NC input contacts
    Water proof cabinet
    Built-in siren relay
    Text label for alarm descriptions
    Programmable time delays
    RS485 interface for Repeater unit
    RS 485 interface for event logger.


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