PPE and Safety Equipment

Various devices designed specifically for workers protection from exposure to harmful and hazardous working environments are called personal protective equipment. The work without such means is absolutely impossible in many industries. Efficiency of the use of personal protective equipment in many ways depends on correct selection and operation. Providing laborers with reliable and efficient PPE enhances safety, reduces workplace injuries and occupational diseases.

  • We offer protective clothing (or work wear) for different industries and aspects in UAE. High visibility clothing with fluorescent reflective strips for construction and road works, such a traffic vest/parka by EN471. Rain clothing such a rain suit or coat by EN343.  For industrial we supply suits, jacket, trousers, cargo pans, shirts, over-shirts, overalls (or coveralls), semi-overalls (or dungarees), multi-pockets vests, smocks and special design. We use material from 100% Cotton, poly-cotton 65/35 etc. Our work dress for general purpose, for anti-acid, for anti-static and flame retardant. All clothing made according EN-norms depend on type such EN14116, EN531, EN533, EN1149-5, EN13034.

  • All our safety shoes manufactured according EN ISO 20345 (The current one is ISO 20345: 2004 - previously BS EN 345-1:1993) and safety categories range S1, S2…S5. We have on stock vary size from 36 to 47.
    Our shoes have modern and ergonomic design. On your choice - metal or composite cap toe, for site labour staff or engineers. Different colors, various solutions and reability in service. World-known brands for every environment.

  • TechnoHub Trading LLC (Dubai) provides full range of safety gloves. Depends on environment and working purpose there are number of different European standards that relate to gloves. These include:

    Mechanical hazards including Abrasion, cut, tear and puncture (Abrasion/Blade Cut Resistance/Tear Resistance/Abrasion Resistance).
    Protective Against Chemical And Micro-Organisms
    General requirements for gloves includes sizing and a number of health and safety aspects including latex protein and chromium levels.

  • TechnoHub Trading LLC (Dubai) offers essential range of respiratory equipment like disposable masks, respiratory filter masks and ear defenders.   There are three equipment classes of masks by EN149:2001:

    FFP1: Protective mask against solid and liquid particles without specific toxicity (handing of stone, rubble, cellulose)
    FFP2: Protective mask against solid and liquid particles of average toxicity (sanding of soft wood, composite materials, rust, putty, plaster, plastics cutting, deburring, grinding of metal)
    FFP3: Protective mask against solid and liquid particles of high toxicity (sanding a hard wood, chrome or arsenic based products, impact stripping of paint, sanding of cement).

    We supply dust mask also with a valve.

    For hearing protection we offer ear defenders (ear-muffs). Depend on purpose of use and environment there are several types of ear muffs: ear-muff with frame, ear-muff for safety helmet, electronic foldable ear defender, ear-muff for neck wearing.

    All ear defenders made by EN352:2002 with average attenuation SNR 21-26 dB.

  • Every day plenty of workers suffer eye injuries, which occur when solid particles, liquids or chemicals get into the eyes. If you don’t want to spend money on medical treatment, you need eye and face protection. Safety glasses (spectacles), goggles, visors, welding helmets and shields — they might come in handy and secure you against danger.
    Glasses offer minimal protection against external debris. Additional lateral protection is recommended, better with fogging resistance and solar, ultraviolet filters. Face shields are a useful type of protection worn over common eyewear. Visors are used in various industries and are compatible with other safety equipment as well. If you do not use eye protection during welding,   it may lead to blindness. So welding goggles or helmets are the best choice in this situation.

    If you can not find a necessary item, please, call us – we’ll be glad to solve your problem!

  • A safety harness is a form of protective equipment designed to protect a person or object from fall injury or damage. The harness is an attachment between a stationary and non-stationary object and is usually fabricated from rope, cable or webbing and locking hardware. Some safety harnesses are used in combination with a shock absorber, which is used to regulate deceleration when the end of the rope is reached.

    Our company offers for height works full range of safety harnesses, from a simple one to a professional fall arrest kit. In Dubai we supply full body harness type H2000 made of French company FROMENT. All our safety harnesses made according EN361 and approved CE0082. Every harness has individual certificate. As an essential part of safety works we provide various lanyards with energy shock absorbers, they are manufactured according to EN355.

  • For road safety and construction sites safety environment We supply various materials such as: traffic cones and bollards, warning tape in different colors, road safety mesh and signal signs.
    Traffic cones are typically used outdoors during road work or other situations requiring traffic redirection or advance warning of hazards or dangers, or the prevention of traffic. Currently, for UAE traffic cone is an important and an essential part of road safety. We offer only long-lived materials, time proof colors and quality made cones for very sunny and hot weather in UAE, especially in Dubai.

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