Oil spill protection equipment

Oil spills at sea happen quite often, especially during transport or offshore oil extraction. This can happen for various reasons and for the rapid containment, ships, ports and oil rigs must be equipped with facilities for spills containment and oil skimming from the water surface. We offer comprehensive solutions to equip offshore and coastal facilities with materials and equipment to deal with oil spills in surface water and protected water. The list of products includes both tools for application directly on the site of the spill, and auxiliary equipment allowing a quick use of these tools and materials in case of accidents.

  • Hydraulic Oil Boom Reels are the quickest and most effective systems for storing and deploying for foam filled booms (oil fence boom), permanent oil booms, inflatable oil booms.
    Boom Reels are available in a range of sizes as manual or power operated storage reels.
    Hydraulic operated units are an efficient, maintenance free, economical method of storage, transportation, deployment and recovery. Made of steel and painted with marine grade paints for long term corrosion protection. custom-made lifting and fork lift points.

  • Oil containment boom reels are the fastest and most efficient means for storage, deployment and recovery of longer lengths of boom. Most of our reels have the facility to free-wheel to speed up deployment. 
    Reels may be hydraulic or manually operated and are suitable for both inflatable boom and some models of foam flotation boom. 
    Elastec/American Marine manufactures boom reel systems at our facility in Illinois according to ISO 9000 quality standard. They are thoroghly tested to ensure they can carry the loads associated with this type of operation. These reels can be supplied with aluminum or steel spool, with and without controls, with and without brakes. They may also be fitted with guide rollers to help distribute the boom on the spool.


  • Towable storage tanks are used for the temporary storage and transportation of recovered wide variety of liquids including, but not limited to, potable water, oil, jet fuel, diesel fuel, waste water, sewage, oil spill and ballast water. Ideal for decanting of water during skimming operations and for oil spill cleanup operations.

    Features :

    - RF Welded from high strength coated fabrics
    - Available in sizes from 1 m3 to 250 m3
    - Towed by vessels, empty or laden
    - Fully collapsible for easy storage
    - Wooden or aluminum storage containers available
    - Optional accessories, including storage container, hoses, air pumps, recovery and offloading pumps.

  • Spill Kits are designed to cope many types of oil and chemical spillages, from ports, harbors, ships, shipyards, heavy industrial plants to small engineering workshops. Since the IMO resolution of April 1995, oil spill equipment has to be on board of every vessel. Maris Environmental helps you meet the requirements against the best possible price.

    Maris Oil Spill Kit is a marine oil spill response measure designed to be deployed easily and effectively, in conjunction with each ships response plan, as required by the IMO and OPA ’90. The sorbents included in the Oil Spill Kit are produced in a variety of forms which absorb up to 19 times their own weight, for spill control, cleaning, maintenance, marine and other applications.

  • Marine or land based oil spills. Oil absorbent Pads are recommended for use on minor on water spills and for in plant use. Applications areas: pipelines, shipyards, ship and yachts decks, factories, industrial plants, loading docks, machine and maintenance shops, fire departments, spill responses.
    Oil Sorbent Booms are a cost efficient way of recovering small and medium sized oil, chemicals spills. Application areas: Factories, warehouses, streams, lagoons, settlement lakes, harbors, rivers, or offshore protection.
    Tube shaped sorbent , ideal for forming a barrier around spilled liquid to prevent it from spreading. Soft and elastic, easily placed around dripping machinery or on corners to absorb and contain liquid. Socks are designed especially for around machinery, or wherever leaks occur. Application areas: Workshops, terminals, airports, shipyards, factrories or marine use in rivers, beach etc.



  • MARIS MultiSkimmer Mono 10 (MSM-10) is a high efficiency skimmer for recovering of floating oil on water.
    The unit can be fitted with interchangeable skimming heads ( disc, drum, or brush ) to allow for optimum performance in all oil types and viscosities.

  • An oil dispersant is a mixture of surfactants and solvents that helps break oil into small droplets following an oil spill. Small droplets are easier to disperse throughout a water volume, and small droplets may be more readilybiodegraded by microbes. Dispersant use involves a trade-off between exposing coastal life to surface oil and exposing aquatic life to dispersed oil. While submerging the oil with dispersant may lessen exposure to marine life on the surface, it increases exposure for animals dwelling underwater, who may be harmed by toxicity of both dispersed oil and dispersant. Although dispersant reduces the amount of oil that lands ashore, it may allow faster, deeper penetration of oil into coastal terrain, where it is not easily biodegraded.

  • Oil skimmers are available for a wide variety of applications from industrial processing to large marine accidents.
    Recovered oil storage may present a big problem in an oil spill operation. Storage can be created with temporary pits or by utilizing barges or other tanks of opportunity. Floating storage tanks can be used for temporary storage of recovered oil.
    Dispersant spray systems mounted on vessels or aircraft.



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