Gas sensor

Gas analyzing devices (gas analyzers) of various types for the measurement of one or more components of gas mixtures content (concentration). Analyzers offered by our company have the necessary certification and are made in accordance with the requirements of Government Standards. Depending on the installation gas analyzers can be fixed, mobile and portable. Depending on measuring methods: electrochemical, thermo-catalytic, infrared, thermal-magnetic, thermoconductometric. We also supply gas analyzers considering the application - explosion-proof and of industrial design and special purpose.

  • The PIRECLis a stationary point of the diffusion infrared hydrocarbon gas detector of the measuring principle. The detector PIRECL предназначенfor automatic continuous control of the content of hydrocarbon gases and vapours in the air of working zone and alarm on exceeding the established threshold.

    PIRECLis certified as a stand-alone analyzer, and to work in the EQP system.

    PIRECLis certified as a stand-alone analyzer, as well as in the system of contamination control and fire detection DET-TRONICSEQP. Has an output signal 4-20 mA, HART and RS-485 Modbus RTU. As an option can be added 3 built-in relay (marking of explosion protection). The PIRECLcan be selectively measure the content of different types of gases and vapors. Calibrated on propane or ethylene with different ratios recommended by the manufacturer, the PIRECLmeasures up to 30 gases and vapors, as evidenced by appropriate certificates for use on the territory of Russia. Is SIL 2 certified.,5 lamps on a steel plate.

  • The detector for toxic gases and oxygen GT3000 is an intelligent stand-alone device designed to work at industrial sites and providing continuous monitoring of the leakage of dangerous gas concentrations and oxygen levels in the working area. The GT3000 gas detector consists of a replaceable sensornets model GTS connected to the signal Converter model GTX. The GT3000 gas detector is used in conjunction with a universal transmitter signal models UD10 and UD20. A signal Converter GTX supports communication via the HART Protocol, the 4-20 mA circuit. This allows you to perform configuration and have access to information about the status, calibration, and diagnostics of the detector.

    The transmitter signals the level of gas models UD10 / UD20 is suitable for conversion and transmission of signals from the detectors / sensors of combustible and toxic gases and vapors on the external device. UD10 is used as a transmitter of signals from the measuring sensors: GT3000 toxic gas: H2S, CO, NH3, SO2, Cl2, H2, O2, high-speed sensor is CALIBRATED (measured H2S); hydrogen sulfide gas analyzer C7064E; catalytic CGS sensor (measuring 0-100 % LEL); point IR gas analyzers PIRECL and PIR9400; open path IR gas analyzers OPECL. To protect the sensing element from environmental pollution and moisture in the gas detector GT3000 uses a hydrophobic filter that is easily replaced without opening the device or use of special tools. Touch GTS module is intrinsically safe, allowing you to perform replacement in field conditions in hazardous areas without interruption of the supply voltage.

  • Acoustic gas detector FlexSonic is intended for recognition of ultrasonic vibrations that accompany such incidents, like a gas leak. When there is leakage of gas under pressure, facing the expanding gas produces sound frequency outside the audible part of the spectrum in the ultrasonic range (about 20 kHz). The intensity of the sound generated by the gas leak is determined by several factors, including such as: the pressure, the volume of leakage, the viscosity of the gas and the distance to the source of the leak.

    Sound detection less susceptible to environmental factors (such as strong winds), which could affect the ability of traditional technologies based on the measurement of gas concentration that appears the leak.

    An additional level of protection provided by an acoustic detector FlexSonic, in combination with trace and (or) point gas detectors offers the most comprehensive solution to the problems of detecting gas leaks.

    The acoustic detector FlexSonic consists of two main components: an acoustic sensor AC100 and acoustic ATX10 transmitter. Acoustic sensor AC100 uses a high-performance microphone and digital signal processing for continuous monitoring of the audio signal. Wide dynamic range and spectral resolution allow us to provide excellent sensitivity, and maximum limit false positives. Acoustic ATX10 transmitter evaluates the incoming acoustic power spectrum data from the sensor AC100 and determines an alarm condition.

  • Portable gas detectors BW Technologies

    The world's largest manufacturer of portable gas detectors BW Technologies owned group of Honeywell. BW Technologies manufactures portable detectors for single and multiple gases, with a wide choice of optional accessories. Automatic station for testing and calibration MicroDock II provides a quick check and the calibration of the detectors, thus reducing the maintenance cost.

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