Alarm annunciator

In case of fire, especially in potentially explosive atmospheres you must notify the staff through the use of light and sound signals, like alarm annunciators. In chemical industry, port facilities, ships and offshore platforms warning devices must be of high reliability. Annunciators and alarms we supply are designed specifically for use in explosive atmospheres and harsh operating conditions and can be used on standard facilities located both onshore and offshore.

  • Horn loudspeakers

    Weatherproof loudspeakers are used at industrial sites. Wide operating temperature range and the class IP 66/67 protectionallows the use of weatherproof sound sirens on the street. Features of the equipment makes it possible to use outdoorsirens offshore and marine ports.


    Basic parameters:

    - plastic housing GRP
    - various colours, plastic, GRP (upon request)
    - wide power range
    - high degree of protection from external influences
    - ability to change power loudspeaker
    - transformer 100 V



  • Explosion-proof loudspeakers used for emergency and service alerts in potentially explosive atmospheres, as well as at facilities in the oil and gas, chemical, metallurgical and other industries.


    Basic parameters:

    - plastic housing GRP;
    - various colours, plastic, GRP (upon request);
    - wide power range;
    - high degree of protection from external influences;
    - possibility of simultaneous use of loudspeaker enclosures as explosion-proof junction box;
    - possibility of measurement of a loudspeaker;
    - transformer 100 in.


  • Explosion proof emergency lights-EXIT warning lights meet the requirements of norm ATEX 94/9EG and EN60598 part 2.22 for emergency lighting. These fixtures are designed to indicate and rescue routes and exits in potentially explosive atmospheres, especially in conjunction with emergency lighting devices.

    As the source of light in these lamps are exclusively used high-power white LEDs. This eliminates the need for maintenance and replacement of lamps throughout the service life of the lamp.

    The power supply ensures reliable operation of the lamp; a chain of diodes is designed as a safe electric circuit. A wide range of input voltage allows you to use the lamp in other power systems.

    Thanks to its sturdy design lamps and a high degree of protection these lamps can be used both indoors and outside.

  • These xenon flash lamps were designed for use in flammable environments and in harsh environments . Lamp housing made of marine grade alloys or stainless steel, can be used on offshore platforms and onshore installations in cases where necessary installation of light bulbs with high strength and corrosion resistance .

    Basic parameters:

    - the ability to initiate a phone call from

    - on request different gamma material

    - operating temperature range from -55 to +55

    - protection class IP 66/67

    - power supply voltage (depending on model)

    12 DC / 24 DC 110 / 240 AC

    - explosion-proof

  • Explosion-proof audible sirens are intended for use in severe climatic conditions and hazardous areas on objects almost all industries. The ability to work in a single tone and datanova modes, with a choice of one of the 27 pre-programmed tones, doing the sounders versatile for use in all conditions and situations.

    Basic parameters:

    - stainless steel, special marine aluminum alloy or plastic GPR

    - different colours (for models DB1, DB3, DB7P)

    - 27 tones

    - on request bi-tonal alarm mode (DB1, DB3)


  • Light indicators/status boards can be oriented vertically or horizontally, to consist of 2-5 flash bulbs of different colors. Thanks to modern-emitting element lamp-indicators have a high degree of plausibility in any condition of visibility.

    Basic parameters:

    - radiating element is xenon lamp, fluorescent lamp (on request).

    - except xenon and fluorescent emitters available LED emitters and light bulbs.

    - possible modification with 2,3,4,5 lamps on a steel plate.

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