Technological cable

To solve the problems of electrical energy and information transmission in extreme conditions special cables are used. We offer a supply of fire-proof and fire-resistant cables, sealed cable for underwater applications and use on ships, intrinsically safe cable for hazardous areas, as well as a special sensor cable.

Certificates and test reports are available for all special purpose cables supplied by our company. By virtue of years of work in this area, we have established close and productive partnerships with leading manufacturers of special cable and can offer a wide range of cable products at competitive prices.


    Caledonian fireproof cables, branded under FIREFLEX (fire resistant LSZH sheathed cables), FIRETOX (fire retardant LSZH sheathed cables) and FIREGUARD (fire retardant PVC sheathed cables) provide the following features:
    -Fire resistance
    -Long-term circuit integrity in a fire
    -Minimum smoke emission
    -Flame retardance
    -Reduced fire propagation
    -Zero halogen


  • Halogen Free Single Conductor Cable

    Allied Wire and Cable supplies non-halogenated single conductor cables for a wide variety of applications, including shipbuilding, industrial sites, utilities, data centers, and various uses in heavily-populated facilities. Halogen-free cables provide buyers with a high-performing, cleaner, safer alternative to regular single conductor cables

    Halogen Free Control Cable

    Allied Wire and Cable supplies many types of non-halogenated control cable to be used in all sorts of applications. These cables are great for use in control panels, such as in transporting systems. This type of cable can be moved without difficulty for adjustments and inspections.


  • Electrical cables for intrinsically safe circuits (separate power circuit of hazard type-i) have to be specially marked with a blue outer jacket (RAL 5015) according to DIN VDE. The installation of these cables outside of intrinsically safe circuits are not permitted. The installation can be done in dry and damp environments, but not in underground and in open air. The special PVC outer jacket material is resistant to oil and petrol as well as flame resistant.


  • Type EPR

    The EPR series contains an extruded flame retardant jacket of polypropylene elastomer with a special UV stabilizer added to enhance weathering performance. It is intended for a wide range of industrial applications and is characterized by high resiliency, good abrasion resistance, excellent weathering properties and exceptional high temperature performance.

    - Fixed temperature digital sensor
    - Line coverage with point sensitivity
    - Wide range of industrial applications
    - Good abrasion resistance
    - Exceptional high temperature performance.


    Steel wire armoured cable, commonly abbreviated as SWA, is a hard-wearing power cable designed for the supply of mains electricity. It is one of a number of armoured electrical cables – which include 11kV Cable and 33kV Cable – and is found in underground systems, power networks and cable ducting.



    An optical fiber cable is a cable containing one or more optical fibers that are used to carry light. The optical fiber elements are typically individually coated with plastic layers and contained in a protective tube suitable for the environment where the cable will be deployed. Different types of cable are used for different applications, for example long distance telecommunication, or providing a high-speed data connection between different parts of a building.


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