Lighting equipment

Effectiveness of industrial lighting equipment is vital for any industrial production. Industrial devices are completely different from those used in residential and office units, they are secured from negative exposures of various kinds: occupational dust, mechanical damages, and aggressive chemical compounds fumes in the air. Industrial lighting equipment can be operated continuously and does not require thorough care.

  • EVH Fluorescent Portable Hand Lamps can be used:

    • In areas made hazardous by the presence of flammable gases and vapors, combustible dusts, or easily ignitable fibers and flyings
    • During plant shut downs for maintenance and installation
    • Where fixed lighting is not practical
    • For emergency lighting applications
    • When inspecting aircraft wing tanks, vats, process vessels, fuel tanks, etc.

    RCDER Incandescent Portable Floodlights provide general illumination in locations having hazardous atmospheres, such as:

    • Oil refineries
    • Oil and gasoline loading docks
    • Aircraft servicing docks and shelters
    • Distilleries
    • Paint manufacturing plants
    • Pumping stations
    • Other Class I, Groups C and D locations

    VS Series Incandescent Portable Hand Lamps are used:

    • In wet or corrosive locations to exclude moisture, dirt, corrosive chemicals, etc.
    • Where an incandescent lamp of up to 100 watts is required in a portable hand lamp


  • Floodlights provide general illumination in hazardous and non-hazardous areas, indoors and outdoors.

    Champ® FMV Series 25L and 50L LED Floodlights

    Champ® FMV Series LED Floodlights are designed to provide full-spectrum, crisp, white light.  Two versions of the Champ are available, 25,000 and 50,000 lumens, providing ideal solutions for a wide range of applications.

    Available for Hazardous and non-hazardous areas


    RCDE Series Incandescent Floodlights

    RCDE Incandescent Floodlights are permanently installed to provide general illumination in locations having hazardous atmospheres

  • Emergency lighting and exit signs provide safe, reliable illumination during failure or interruption of power, as well as distinct, highly visible exit marking to indicate the direction of travel to exits.

    Compact Fluorescent Emergency Lighting

    Fluorescent emergency lighting is used where emergency lighting is required to permit workers in industrial areas to safely encounter their surroundings during power failures.  Ideal for catwalks, walkways, tunnels, doorways, stairwells, ramps, and aisles.

    Exit Signs

    Used to provide distinct, highly visible exit marking and indicate the direction of travel to exits.

    Emergency Lighting Systems

    Used to provide safe, reliable illumination indoors or outdoors to designated areas during failure or interruption of power to the normal lighting system.

  • Hazard•Gard® EVLL Series Explosionproof LED Luminaires

    The Class I, Division 1 Hazard•Gard® EVLL LED product offering provides the same durability and reliability of a traditional HID fixture, coupled with the low cost of ownership and energy efficiency of Eaton's LED technology.


    Champ® MLL Series Linear LED Luminaires

    The Champ® MLL Linear LED is specifically designed to replace fluorescent T12, T8 and T5HO lighting in harsh and hazardous applications.  The rugged and durable design features the industry’s most versatile and flexible mounting options


    Industrial High Bay LED Series Luminaires

    Industrial High Bay LED Luminaires are the perfect replacement for 250W-1,500W+ HID and 2-10 lamp T8, T12 and T5HO fluorescent high bay fixtures.

  • V-Spring™ Telescoping Light Pole

    The patent-pending V-Spring™ Telescoping Light Pole increases safety and decreases labor costs associated with lighting installation and routine maintenance.  Its innovative design allows for all work to safely take place on the platform or walkway, eliminating the need for portable ladders and fall protection equipment.  Applications include:

    • Luminaires installed on industrial walkways, platforms, stairways and conveyors where OSHA/HSE regulations require fall prevention equipment
    • Hard to reach or dangerous areas where safety is a big concern
    • Hazardous and harsh environments subject to corrosive agents, vibration and extreme temperatures

  • SBL Elevated Stop Bar Light

    The SBL fixture is used for runway incursion protection and traffic control on taxiways just before active runways.  It is required for SMGCS operations during low visibility conditions as defined in FAA AC 150/5340-28 and AC 120-57A.  This unidirectional light is designed for use in all weather conditions with any kind of control system including the Digitrac Control and Monitoring System.

    ERL Elevated Runway Light

    The ERL Model 5 is used as a medium intensity runway edge light, taxiway edge light, medium intensity threshold light, and heliport perimeter light for both constant current and voltage circuits.

    PRO APF L-852 TCL-LED (L) Taxiway Centerline Light

    The L-852 TCL with or without support ring is a taxiway centerline light that is used primarily as a ground traffic aid during periods of low visability to guide aircraft between the runway and the parking stand.  The TCL is usually a yellow or green bidirectional light.

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