Pressure gauges / Temperature gauges

Wide range of pressure gauges and temperature gages of special configuration various industries: temperature indicator transmitters, for accurate measurements, electric-contact manometer, including explosion-proof versions for offshore use, vibration-proof, resistant to aggressive environments and for use in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Process automation gauges for work with high-temperature, contaminated, aggressive and viscous fluids.

  • показывающий манометр

    Indicating pressure gages. Model 212.20, industrial series

    - Sturdy industrial pressure gauge designed in compliance with the operational safety requirements of EN 837-1
    - Reliable pressure gauge for the machine and plant construction industry as well as building services industry
    - For gaseous and liquid media that are not highly viscous or crystallising and will not attack copper alloy parts
    - Proven in refrigeration technology

    Special features:
    - Long service life, robust
    - Cost-effective and reliable
    - To combine with WIKA diaphragm seals
    - German Lloyd and Gosstandart approval


  • электроконтактный манометры

    Pressure gauge with switch contacts

    - Control and regulation of industrial processes
    - Monitoring of plants and switching of electric circuits
    - For gaseous and liquid aggressive media that are not highly viscous or crystallising, also in aggressive ambience
    - Process industry: For the monitoring of gas cylinders and reducing regulators

    Special features
    - High reliability and long service life
    - Up to 2 switch contacts per instrument
    - Gauges with inductive contacts for use in hazardous areas with ATEX approval
    - Gauges with electronic contacts for PLC applications
    - Gauges in safety version S3 (k)



    Indicating pressure gages with output signals


    - Acquisition and display of process values
    - Transmission of process value to the control room, 4 to 20 mA; 0 to 20 mA; 0 to 10 V
    - Easy-to-read, local analog display needs no power supply
    - Safety-related application

    Special features

    - "Plug and play" with no configuration necessary
    - Signal transmission in accordance with NAMUR
    - Scale ranges 0/15 PSI to 0/20,000 PSI
    - Easy-to-read, nominal size 4” or 6” analog display
    - Solid-front, blow-out back safety design



  • манометр низкого давления


    - Robust design and ingress protection IP 54
    - For gaseous, dry and non-aggressive media
    - Medical, vacuum, environmental, laboratory technology, for contents measurement and filter monitoring

    Special features

    - Zero adjustment in front
    - Case from stainless steel
    - Special connection location on request
    - Low scale ranges from 0 ... 6 mbar




    „- For dry, clean, non-aggressive gases, air

    „„- Monitoring of blowers and ventilators

    „„- Filter monitoring via differential pressure

    „„- Positive overpressure in clean rooms

    „„- Positive and negative pressure in isolation chambers

    - Product Features

    „„- Zero adjustment in front

    „„- Simple mounting and dismounting

    „„- Two part construction (measuring element and case)

    „„- Scale ranges from 0.2 InWC (50 Pa) to 50 InWC (12,500 Pa)






    Digital pressure gauge Model CPG500

    - Calibration service companies and service industry
    - Measurement and control laboratories
    - Quality assurance
    - Easy on-site calibration

    Special features

    - Measuring ranges from -1 ... +16 bar to 0 ... 1,000 bar
    - Accuracy: 0.25 % (incl. calibration certificate)
    - Robust case with protective rubber cap
    - Simple operation using four buttons
    - Complete service cases incl. pressure generation available



    DIgital Test Gauge Model CPG 1000

    - Accuracy of +0.05% of F.S., supplied with N.I.S.T. certificate of accuracy
    - Temperature compensated accuracy 0 to 50 oC
    - 15 standard pressure ranges available
    - Displays in 18 standard or 1 custom engineering unit
    - Displays ambient sensor temperature in oC or oF
    - Large, back-lit, 5½” digit display with 0.65” high digits and 20 segment bar graph
    - Rugged stainless steel meets NEMA 4/IP65


  • Testo 830 - Infrared temperature measuring instrument

    Testo 830-T1, infrared thermometer, 1 point laser sighting, 10:1 optics, adjustable limit values, alarm function, incl. Batteries and factory calibration certificate.


    Testo 831 – Infrared thermometer for distance measurements

    - infrared thermometer, 2-point laser
    - sighting, 30:1 optics, leather case incl. belt holder,
    - batteries and factory calibration certificate

    Testo 845 IR Thermometer

    The Testo 845 is a milestone in non-contact temperature measurement offering the ability to ‘switch’ between close focus and far-field measurements. For the first time, surface temperatures with a
    measurement point diameter down to 1mm can be measured and cross laser marking means that accurate measurements can be taken even at large distances.

  • Ex-Pt 720 is a highly accurate measuring instrument for fast and exact temperature measurements in areas with danger of explosion up to Zone 0. The large measuring range and the precise four-wire technology make the Ex-Pt 720 the ideal measuring instrument for monitoring measurements. Ideally suited to applications in areas with danger of explosion
    - Very high accuracy
    - Wide selection of probes
    - Your customized probe at short notice
    - Permits accoring to European and US norms
    - Including carrying strap

    Testo 735-2 – Highest accuracy thanks to system adjustment

    testo 735-2, 3 channel temp. meas. instr. T/C Type K/T/J/S/Pt100, audible alarm, connection for max. 3 optional radio probes, with readings memory, PC software and USB data transmission cable, with battery and calibration protocol Highest precision over the entire measuring range thanks to system adjustment. System accuracy up to 0.05 °C.
    - Display, storage and print-out of Delta T, min., max. and mean values
    - Audible alarm (adjustable limit values)
    - Cyclic printing of measurement values, e.g once per minute
    - Protection class IP65
    - Certified according to EN 13485

  • Bimetal thermometer Model 54, industrial series

    The model 54 bimetal thermometer has been developed and is manufactured in accordance with the EN 13190 standard.
    The thermometer meets the high requirements of the process industries.
    - General process instrumentation in the chemical and petrochemical industries, oil and gas industries, energy and water/wastewater industries
    Temperature measurement in harsh and aggressive environments. With liquid damping also suitable for applications with high vibrations.
    Special features
    - Scale ranges from -70 ... +500 °C
    - Case and stem from stainless steel
    - Bimetal with zero point adjustment at the back of the case
    - Individual stem length from 63 ... 1,000 mm
    - Germanischer Lloyd approval (option)


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