Level Indicators

For determination of the liquid level our company supplies level gauges for operation in tanks and vessels of various types. The list of our supplies includes contact and noncontact measuring instruments. The application of modern automatic gauges allows controlling the flow of liquid materials and fuel, as well as to automate processes of flow and reserve recording.

  • The Digital E3 Modulevel® is an advanced, intrinsically safe two-wire instrument utilizing simple buoyancy principle to detect and convert liquid level changes into a stable output signal. The linkage between the level sensing element and output electronics provides a simple mechanical design and construction. The vertical in-line design of the transmitter results in low instrument weight and simplified installation. The instrument comes in a variety of configurations and pressure ratings for varied applications.



    Modulevel pneumatic controls are displacement actuated level sensors that provide output signals in direct proportion to changes in liquid level.

    Simple modular design and proven magnetic coupling make Modulevel controls versatile, highly stable, vibration resistant and adaptable to extremes of temperature and pressure.

  • The Enhanced Eclipse® Model 705 Transmitter is a looppowered, 24 VDC liquid-level transmitter based on the revolutionary Guided Wave Radar (GWR) technology.

    Encompassing a number of significant engineering accomplishments, this leading-edge level transmitter is designed to provide measurement performance well beyond that of many traditional technologies, as well as “through-air” radar.

    The Horizon Model 704 Transmitter is an intermediately priced 24 VDC, loop-powered, liquid level transmitter based upon Guided Wave Radar (GWR) technology. The transmitter is designed to provide all of the performance advantages of GWR. Available in a nonrotatable, single compartment plastic or aluminum housing, this transmitter offers simple configuration with three push buttons and a 2-line × 8 character liquid crystal display. The Model 704 covers a broad application range by utilizing coaxial and twin rod probes.

  • The Kotron® 805 Smart Transmitter is a loop-powered, 24 VDC, liquid-level transmitter based on proven RF Capacitance technology. Encompassing a number of significant engineering accomplishments, this high performance RF level transmitter is designed to provide reliable measurement performance well beyond that of competitive units. The innovative dual-compartment enclosure is a first in the industry, orienting the wiring and electronics in the same plane, and angled to maximize ease of installation, setup, and data display.

    The Kotron 2-Wire R.F. capacitance transmitter is one of the most cost effective level transmitters available today. Compact in size, it employs state of the art technology for a stable, accurate signal in a wide range of materials.

    * Uses state of the art technology to provide a stable, more accurate signal.

    * 4-20 mA isolated output signal.

    * Utilizes a 24 V DC current loop for power source and signal transmission.

  • Jupiter® liquid level transmitters are 24 V DC, loop powered liquid level transmitters, utilizing the engineering principle of magnetostriction and the effect of a magnetic field on the magnetostrictive wire. Jupiter is available as a direct insertion transmitter or as an external mounted transmitter onto the Atlas® Magnetic Level Indicator. The unit can be designed for liquid level and/or liquid-liquid interface measurement.

    * High precision and repeatable level measurement:
    • accuracy up to ± 0,4 mm (0.015")
    • repeatability of ± 0,13 mm (0.005").
    * Easy bench configuration – no need for level simulation.
    * Two – wire, intrinsically safe loop powered level transmitter.
    * Dual compartment with separate housing for wiring and electronics.
    * Two-line, 8 character LCD and 3 button keypad.
    * Process temperature up to +455 °C (+850 °F) (external mount) / +260 °C (+500 °F) (direct insertion).
    * Process pressure up to 26,2 bar (380 psig) – custom floats up to 115 bar (1700 psig).
    * Probe lengths up to 5,70 m (19 ft).
    * Float failure reporting.
    * Suited for SIL 1/2 or SIL 2/3 loops (full FMEDA report by Exida available).


  • The Pulsar® Radar transmitter is the latest generation of loop-powered, 24 VDC, level transmitters. It has lower power consumption, faster response time and is easier to use than most loop-powered radar transmitters.

    This latest entry into the radar level measurement field is designed to provide unparalleled performance and ease of use. PULSAR non-contact radar is the perfect compliment to the Magnetrol® Eclipse® Guided Wave Radar. These transmitters offer the ultimate solution to the vast majority of process level applications.

    Radar has been part of the level measurement market for more than thirty years. The early designs used in tank gauging were heavy, expensive, power-hungry and complex. Advancements in radar circuitry have evolved the modern radar transmitter so that now it is light, inexpensive, loop-powered and easy to use. The R82 is the logical extension of that evolution.
    Microwave-based radar is a superior measurement technology with its ability to operate effectively in a wide range of process conditions. It has been too expensive to use as a replacement for ultrasonic transmitters in simple, daily applications...until now. The R82 radar transmitter can be considered the answer to almost every daily level measurement application imaginable.

  • The Echotel®Model 335 is a four-wire, integral mount, ultrasonic non-contact transmitter for liquid level, volume, and open channel flow measurement. Featuring advanced digital signal processing and a powerful transducer, this versatile transmitter provides exceptional measurement performance in a wide variety of applications.






    ECHOTEL® 355 Ultrasonic non contact transmitter for level, volume or open channel flow

    The EchotelR 355 is an integral mount, high performance ultrasonic non contact transmitter for liquid level, volume and open channel flow measurement. The electronics are housed in a single compartment cast aluminium or LexanR housing. The intelligent electronics analyze the ultrasonic echo profile, apply temperature compensation, reject echoes from false targets, and then processes the true echo from the liquid surface. This results in an extremely reliable measurement even when application difficulties like turbulence and false echoes exist.


  • T20 units are simple, reliable float switches, designed for top mounting into tanks or vessels. T20 units utilize a single switch mechanism and float. It can be used for virtually any type of open or closed process or storage vessel, with either threaded or flanged type mounting, and actuating depths of up to 48 inches (1219 mm).

    Magnetrol® side mounting float switches mount horizontally to any tank or vessel through a threaded or flanged pipe connection. Standard models are normally equipped with a single switch mechanism for high or low level alarm or control applications. Tandem models, with two switch mechanisms, are available for two-stage applications.


    The Tuffy® II Liquid Level Switches are float-actuated devices designed for horizontal mounting in a tank or vessel through threaded or flanged pipe connections. The compact size allows for installation in small vessels, while its many features provide a variety of application uses. The single switch mechanism is available in SPDT or DPDT forms on units designed for fixed or adjustable, narrow or wide differential and interface service levels. This sales literature covers TUFFY II level switches that have electric switches. For TUFFY with a pneumatic switch.


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